Gold Pinky Rings For Men

Gold pinky rings for men – Heart of gold neil young – Gold peak tea online

Gold Pinky Rings For Men

gold pinky rings for men

gold pinky rings for men – Mens Diamond

Mens Diamond Ring 14K Yellow Gold Great Pinky Ring
Mens Diamond Ring 14K Yellow Gold Great Pinky Ring
About Us
Royal Miraculous has been in the jewelry business for over 26 years and are able to offer fine, high quality jewelry at wholesale prices because the items are manufactured in our own factory with our own high standard of quality control. All of our items are stamped with our federally registered trademark and are guaranteed to surpass your expectations. We promise to go out of our way to make you a satisfied long-term customer and a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE is your assurance that we stand behind our products.
All of our rings are standard size 10 or 11 for men rings, 7 or 8 for ladies depending on the style.
If you need your ring sized bigger or smaller there are two options available:
1. You can take your new ring to a local jeweler where the ring can be accurately re-sized for an average cost of $20.
This option is best for those who are unsure about the exact size that they need.
2. We can re-size the ring for you!
Modest fees do apply on all non-standard sizes and it takes 1-2 additional days to ship. Send us a message through Amazon with your size request so we can quote you an exact price and expected delivery time.
All resizing fees run between $10 – $30, depending on the size needed and the style of the ring.
We do not charge an additional fee for sizes 10 and 11 for men, 7 and 8 for ladies rings.
Re-sized items cannot be returned.
Include all sizing requests with your payment or send us a message through Amazon, to ensure that ring is re-sized before it is shipped.
If we do not receive your size request immediately after an auction then an available standard size will be shipped.

Abramelins ring midnight sun Labradorite set in modern art styled sterling silver

Abramelins ring midnight sun Labradorite set in modern art styled sterling silver
I made a new photo for the ring I am selling on Etsy I wanted soothing interesting .

Abramelin’s ring midnight sun Labradorite set in sterling silver.

This is a super modern art styled ring and would look great on a pointer finger, ring finger, or a mans pinky ring . When looking for a great fall design That is both interesting and Eye catching ….Well hear it is .
The Labradorite stone is 25 mm X 16 mm X 7 mm bight Blue gold-green flash .

The is decorated with a spiral coil of life on one side and the eternal life giving sun on the other .

The band is designed to be slightly adjustable and can be made to conform to it’s master hand .

Current size is 11 may by adjusted up to 13 or down to 6 Due to the accordion style band .

Straight from Vegas

Straight from Vegas
Yes, a men’s vintage jewelry box. Which reminds you of two things. (1) There was once an extended era in which men — even those who didn’t work in hip-hop and its related industries — covered themselves in pinky rings, chunky gold ID bracelets, and big-arsed medallions.

And (2) Attempts to market something directly to men are just as funny as attempts to market things specifically to women. Want to make an MP3 player for women? Umm…paint it pink! Want to make a jewelry box for men? Hmm. Hey! We’ll make it look like a snooker table, and give it a built-in radio!

gold pinky rings for men